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MA Scène Nationale -Circa Humans 2.0

Following Humans, presented in Montbéliard in 2017, Yaron Lifschitza imagined Humans 2.0 as a message of hope, a love letter to our species at a time of pandemic damage.
After homosexuality and the fate of migrants, the artistic director continues his reflections on the world with ten virtuosos from his troupe.
This is not surprising for him, who was born in South Africa to Jewish emigrant parents who settled in Australia when he was 11.
If the common thread of his work remains acrobatics, the apparatus is multiplied (trapeze, rope, canes...) in a sophisticated staging, giving a beautiful place to the work of light and the musical composition.
Carriers and acrobats fill the air and roar on the ground with inventive hand-to-hand flights of fancy, from which emanates a special sensitivity.
Their communicative joy is the first step towards the power to celebrate being together in its most positive form.

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