La saucisse de Montbéliard
The Montbéliard sausage
You cannot mention Pays de Montbéliard without talking about this famous, filling authentic sausage!

The Montbéliard sausage has been made since the 14th century by farmers in the Pays de Montbéliard.

However, its reputation has endured since the 1st century B.C. as traces of it have been found among the Mandubii, a Gallic tribe who had developed great skills at salting in order to preserve their meat. They then passed on this expertise. By the 14th century, the Montbéliard sausage had become known as an ‘andouille’ or ‘andoille’. It is different to other sausages thanks to the unique recipe. This contains a mix of lean meat and fat from local pork seasoned with garlic and caraway (or meadow cumin) and dried for a long time in a chimney where softwoods are burnt. Present in every pantry, the Montbéliard sausage was part of the daily diet of every Montbéliard resident. Served warm with potatoes and salad, it was enjoyed at every opportunity - during fairs and market days, at funerals or during an unannounced visit, etc.

Labelled since 1992 and benefiting from a PGI (Protected Geographical Identity) since spring 2013., it holds a special place in regional cuisine. It is served with lentils, cancoillotte (a mild local cheese), or in ‘paipéfié’ or ‘paipé-fier’ (a Montbéliard potato stew).

It can be enjoyed in restaurants and can be bought from artisan charcutiers in the Pays de Montbéliard.

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The ‘Compagnons du Boitchu’

In 1977, on the initiative of the ‘Maîtres Charcutiers du Pays de Montbéliard’ (Master Charcutiers of the Pays de Montbéliard), the ‘Confrérie des Compagnons du Boitchu’ was created. In the region’s local dialect, a ‘Boitchu’ is a cleaver used to cut meat. Today, the ‘Compagnons du Boitchu’ (voluntary and committed Master charcutiers) promote the genuine Boitchu sausage at local festivals and gastronomic associations in far eastern France. The Boitchu sausage is an authentic product made according to traditional methods and is subject to strict quality standards guaranteed by the stamped ‘Boitchu’ seal placed at one end of the golden, curved sausage skin.

Chaired by the Grand Master and his committee, this venerable brotherhood holds regular meetings and inaugurates great tasters. The ‘Chapitre des Compagnons du Boitchu’ is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in March in odd-numbered years.